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How can I start using the copytrading service?

To start using our service, you simply need to get one of our memberships, open a trading account and you will be connected to our copier, which is linked directly to the 888SOCIETY mother account. Once the connection is established, trades will automatically replicate to your account.

How can I benefit from the service?

By using our copytrading service, you can benefit from automatically copying trades made by our systems. This allows you to take advantage and obtain similar results without needing advanced knowledge of the market.

What advantages does 888SOCIETY copytrading offer?

With our copytrading service, you can take advantage of automated trading and connect your account directly to the 888SOCIETY mother account. This means that you do not need to trade by yourself or constantly monitor the executed trades.


(1) You can withdraw every Monday as long as it does not fall below the initial balance. (2) You can't trade your account. (3)You cannot alter or close any trade. If you do not follow rules #2 and #3 it may result in the cancellation of your account and we will not be responsible for your financial loss

What is the fee structure for the service?

Our copytrading service works on a monthly membership basis, which allows you to access the service and unsubscribe whenever you wish. There are no additional fees for individual trades.

Recurring Payments & Cancelations

Our costs may be modified with prior notice. You can cancel your payments in the dashboard. No money is returned for any reason if you prefer to cancel.

How is risk managed in copytrading?

Our algorithm is designed to have controlled risk, with a maximum loss percentage established in our risk management. This helps protect your capital and maintain a prudent approach to your investments.

You can contact us at subscriptions@888society.com or through the contact box found on the main page.